GRATA creates intentional Communities where families, live, love, grow and thrive.


By intentionally developing cohesive communities, we hope to empower people to enjoy life together as they live, work, and play in their neighborhoods. We see home as more than just a building, we see home as a community of people, who share their lives together.  We see a return to the front porch mindset, where people gather together on their front lawn in the evenings and hold backyard barbecues on the weekends. We envision neighbors meeting at the local coffee shop to share the important things going on in each other’s lives and friends who are prepared to offer a helping hand when needed.  When we say “Welcome Home”  we welcome people into this place…a place where they already belong.


Who is GRATA?

GRATA is a locally owned and led residential and commercial developer focused on creating cohesive communities in the greater Kansas City Area.


Where are GRATA Developments?

GRATA focuses on developing cohesive residential and commercial developments in the Kansas City Area. 



We take our name from the Latin phrase Grata Domum meaning “Welcome Home” This phrase “Welcome Home” embodies our mission of creating


Grata Development