GRATA creates intentional Communities where families, live, love, grow and thrive.


By developing intentional communities, we hope to empower people to enjoy life together as they live, work, and play in their neighborhoods. We see a return to the front porch mindset, where people gather together on their front lawn in the evenings and hold backyard barbecues on the weekends. We envision neighbors who know the important things going on in each other’s lives and who are prepared to offer a helping hand when needed. We see neighbors becoming friends and friends becoming family.

We see a company that is a witness of grace to its employees and to the community. We see employees who are passionate team players, who love Kansas City, and believe they are making a difference in their community.​



J. S. Robinson Fine Homes

James Engle Custom Homes

Roeser Homes

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Comerio Corporation

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J.S. Robinson Fine Homes
New Mark Homes
Roeser Homes
Dreams & Design Building
Comerio Corporation
Ashlar Homes
S&R Hawkins Enterprises LLC
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Shepard Homes


Who is GRATA?
Grata is a locally owned and led residential developer in the greater Kansas City area.

What does GRATA do?
Grata builds intentional communities by partnering with local builders, businesses, schools, churches, and social service organizations.

Where are GRATA’s developments?
Grata focuses on developing growth-minded communities in the greater Kansas City area.

We take our name from the Latin phrase Grata Domum [GRAH-tah DOH-mum], meaning “Welcome Home,” and from the Latin word Gratia [GRAH-tee-uh], meaning “Grace.” By developing intentional communities, we want to welcome people into homes where grace is felt and practiced.​

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